Alvicom JavaCov

JavaCov JavaCov is a unique J2SE/J2EE coverage-testing tool. It is the only Java testing tool capable of verifying the so-called MC/DC (Modified Condition/Decision Coverage) testing criterion i.e. no other tool tests and reports as reliably or as quickly at branch level.


  • Eclipse 2.1.x plugin (version 0.1.2 beta),
  • JavaCov monitors each branch and MC/DC criterion (even in the case of multi-thread applications) i.e. JavaCov will show users which IF etc. branches were passed through at least once during the unit test in either direction - this is achieved by instrumenting on BOTH sides of key features in the original source code.
  • Test cases are optimized
  • JavaCov monitors the coverage contribution of new test cases, offers historical comparisons. Data is collected in storage points literally PC-by-PC then centralized.
  • In the results this tool displays the test cases covering any designated branch,
  • JavaCov is compatible with other testing tools,
  • Report generation is into HTML and XML,
  • Apache Ant integration and support for test automation.

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