Industrial solutions

Since its foundation, Alvicom have been offering high quality IT solutions for the automated Industrial sector.

This includes the full range of software and systems support and optimization for industrial production lines and PC-based automation systems. Alvicom have the experience and specialist skills to offer the necessary support services, including hardware-centric programming and the programming of related unique industrial control hardware as well as the setting up and testing of specific industrial environment simulators.

Our aim is to be able to fulfill any client request in the area of automated industrial systems and support with the most up-to-date methods and technology, never losing sight of the ever changing specialist nature and technological advances of the industry nor the improved safety, reliability and accuracy requirements.

Alvicom also offers software testing services within the industrial sector. Our test experts have a successful track-record with big-name clients in White-Box and Integration testing, amongst others.

We offer both static (where the testing is at software level, based on specific pre-set criteria and arrived at without the need for completed test cycles) and dynamic (involving the setting up and running of pre-set test scripts) testing services. Dynamic testing is based within a PC “host” environment as well as in simulated and in real “target” environments, arrived at with the use of specialist testing tools and the analysis of results based on pre-set testing criteria.

Our philosophy is that testing should not be a just another target stage but rather a means of ensuring high production quality and system functionality whilst cutting out the risks. In line with this, we also ensure that the right planning approach, tools and methodology are used to perfectly match every client’s testing or development needs and requirements.

This approach means that, as a service provider, Alvicom are flexible regarding (testing) tools, platforms, languages etc. We listen carefully to a client’s wishes and then advise them on how we can maximize their successes and ROI with the optimal choice of tools and methods.

Alvicom offer the following services:

  • Work-flow, functionality and performance analysis and optimization of systems wthin the Industrial IT sector.
  • Planning, analysis and optimization of related Industrial IT solutions.
  • Full development of Industrial IT systems, either as a stand-alone project or work on applications etc.
  • The full range of automated or manual Testing services for Industrial IT systems (e.g. Functional testing, Regression testing, Performance testing, Load, Coverage etc.) including complete test planning, test project management and co-ordination.
  • Operational and maintenance services for Industrial IT systems.
  • Performance related tuning for Industrial IT systems.
  • Testing procedures, methodology, planning, analysis and implementation based on our expertise with the Industrial sector and the necessary Standards.

Our Industry references:

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