Company History

Alvicom was founded in 1996 by 3 Budapest based software developers. All of our first projects were related to the development of PC-based production control and automation systems for Industrial giant YTONG Hungary Ltd. which were integrated into their production management system. In 1998 we changed our design methodology to UML and Rational Rose for designing automation systems.

To speed up our develoment process we then developed a code-generator add-on for Rational Rose, the UMLDynaCode. With this extension of the Rose the dynamic model of the system, i.e. the UML statecharts, are automatically implemented (similar to Rational Rose Real-Time). We tested the tool by re-implementing our control system at YTONG. This new version has been running since 2000.

Since 1999 we have participated in several software development projects coordinated by major Hungarian software companies. These projects use the latest software technologies in both design and implementation phases. Alvicom staff are now proficient in UML, Java, C++, multi-tier technologies, Rational development tools (Rose, ClearQuest, ClearCase, TestStudio, RequisitePro), Jdeveloper and Visual C++.

In March 2000 we extended our profile to include testing, soon developing our own testing methodologies. We prepared the production of functional, unit and performance tests for various projects, especially for UML and Rational Unified Process formats. Our testing process is now based mainly on our own self-built tools (JavaCov, LoadManager and TestManager) and Rational.

Since 2001 our main profiles have become QA/Software development, solutions for industrial machine control, banks and the telecom sector and software testing (functional, unit, performance, consultancy) and we founded the ALVICOM Testcenter. Recently we have provided testing services for HP Hungary, HP Poland, Westel, Vodafone and other telecom giants, Alstom Signaling Ltd., Deloitte&Touche Romania and to several banks, such as Raiffeisen Bank Hungary, Raiffeisen Bank Romania, Budapest Bank, Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (MKB), CIB Bank, Bre Bank (Poland, Compaq – Alvicom co-operation) and Inteligo Bank to name a few.

Since 2004 we have been enjoying a succesful testing partnership with HP Hungary.

Today we employ 45 highly qualified staff, nearly all of whom have a university degree in computer science/IT and are skilled in using English, in both written and spoken forms.